“Tamara Hartley makes a great impact and great impact grows your bottom line. She’s the best!”

Les Brown

World-Renown Motivational Speaker, Author, Coach & Master Storyteller

Tamara Hartley has addressed women, professionals, and entrepreneurs across the country and has served as the opening speaker for the world’s leading motivational speaker Les Brown. Tamara creatively combines her knowledge, expertise, life experiences, practical wisdom, and funny and insightful anecdotes to inspire others to achieve personal success.

Known for being creative and resourceful, Tamara uses her strengths to help others generate ideas, brainstorm, and solve problems. Through her speaking, coaching, advice column, and products, Tamara helps people take the necessary action steps to move from where they are to where they really want to be. She helps to make their dreams their reality. As a testament to proven results, her clients have dubbed her “The How-To Coach!”

SWYT_Book_Resources1STOP WASTING YOUR TIME Blaming Others for Your Life!

It is easy to blame others, bad relationships, childhood experiences, bad influences and environments for your circumstances, but the truth is, you are responsible for everything in your life. This includes your choices and decisions, your reactions to people and situations, and your ability to overcome obstacles and move beyond limitations. When you blame someone or something else, you are not taking responsibility for yourself and you give away your power to change your circumstances.

In this book, Tamara Hartley shares some of her most difficult life experiences and how she used to blame everyone around her for her life; including her parents, classmates, teachers, spouse, coworkers, and Oprah Winfrey (YES, even Oprah)! She talks openly about real-life issues and sticky situations that many of us face. From being a teenage and single parent, to being teased and taunted in high school, experiencing breakups and bad relationships, enduring financial hardships, and being stuck in a dead-end career. Tamara then shares the greatest life lessons she learned through these difficult situations when she stopped blaming others, took full responsibility for herself, and took back control of her life.

Known for her candid and transparent style and “keeping it real,” Tamara reveals personal details about her journey and the choices and decisions she made. Each chapter shares a story, a lesson learned, and the choice Tamara made to move her life forward. At the end of each chapter is a special opportunity for you, the reader, to reflect on your journey and experiences. You too can take back your power and make new and better choices to make positive changes in your life to create the life you want and deserve!


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Subscribe today to the Find Balance, Make Moves, LIVE Your Dreams with Tamara Hartley podcast. It’s time to stop thinking and dreaming about your goals and start doing! Known by her clients as the “How-To” Coach, Tamara has a passion for coaching and helping others to take ACTION to live their dreams. Through this podcast, Tamara reveals tools, tips, and strategies to help you begin to make positive changes in your life and take the necessary action steps to accomplish your goals.

In addition to featuring her own advice, Tamara hosts amazing guests like Les Brown, the world’s #1 motivational speaker, and a host of other successful corporate executives, government officials, spiritual and community leaders, entrepreneurs, and professionals who are willing to share their success journeys. Tamara digs deep into their personal stories lessons learned.

Find Balance, Make Moves, LIVE Your Dreams with Tamara Hartley is your source to learn how to find your unique balance and make the necessary moves to make your dreams a reality!

Long before Tamara became a speaker, an author, and a “How-To” coach, she was the go-to person for her family, friends, co-workers, and employees! Tamara gives REAL Advice from REAL Experience! Known for her transparency, Tamara uses her own experiences, discernment, wisdom, and lessons learned to share with others and give others a different perspective when dealing with difficult situations. She started an online advice column to expand and help more people make critical decisions in their life, relationships, and career.

Tamara maintains her column today because she believes that if there are too many distractions in a person’s life, they cannot concentrate on achieving their personal success. Balance begins with having love, peace, and harmony in our relationships and making sound decisions that support our goals and dreams.

Tamara is available to appear as a guest Advice Guru on your podcast and television or radio show. She can answer advice questions live or submit a pre-recorded segment.


Tamara’s advice column is also available for syndication on your blog, website, or in your newspaper/newsletter.

Do you have a dream or big idea, but have no clue where to start or how to make it happen? Tamara can help with the “HOW!” Her coaching programs, and personal development tools and products help you create a step-by-step blueprint and action plan to accomplish your goals! Tamara provides support and accountability to help you stay focused and on task. While motivation is part of the process, Tamara’s programs are not about motivation, but rather activation! She won’t lie, making your dreams a reality takes work and consistent action, but she will be there with you every step of the way.

With the right balance, support, determination, and ACTION, every dream is possible,

Regardless of race and ethnicity, women share a very special bond. They share commonalities and experiences that bond them like sisters and friendships that sustain them through difficult times and lifts them to soaring heights.

Tamara is the creator of Your Sisterfriends® a women’s empowerment and speaking network dedicated to strengthening communities across the country by strengthening and empowering women. Featuring top women speakers from diverse backgrounds, Your Sisterfriends® provides signature events, workshops, trainings, products, and live experiences that empower women to be bold and confident, to realize their true worth, and unleash their gifts and talents into the world.

Your Sisterfriends® is embarking on a national tour featuring the signature event, Day of Empowerment with Your Sisterfriends. If you are a speaker and interested in being a part of this tour and speaker’s network, please submit your information for consideration.

We are also looking for local and national sponsors for this empowerment movement. If you or your company/organization have a strong commitment to women and are looking to interact with a multicultural audience, please contact us about sponsorship and vendor opportunities.

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