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Since I decided to CHANGE MY LIFE, I've had the amazing opportunity to live many of my dreams including: Becoming an author; Sharing the stage with Les Brown, the world’s No.1 motivational speaker; and Coaching and teaching clients from around the world. 

Welcome to my site! I'm Tamara Hartley, I’m a speaker, author, advice columnist and a coach. I'm also a wife, mother of five and a busy entrepreneur with multiple business endeavors. 

I help people overcome obstacles and personal challenges in their life, relationships and career and make positive changes in their life. I help them take the necessary action steps they need to take to accomplish their goals and live the life they want to live.

Past mistakes, bad decisions, life circumstances, personal challenges...let's face it, real life happens to us all. And sometimes these situations can cause us to feel stuck and stagnant.

Trust me, I’ve been where you are! I had my first child when I was 16, yet I still graduated 3rd in my class and attended Howard University. Yes, I took my daughter with me (I attended Howard University and she attended the Howard University Preschool)! I've been married and divorced. And as a single mother of four, I completed my master's degree. So, I know first-hand about having to juggle life, relationships and career. I also know a thing or two about overcoming obstacles to achieve my goals and live my dreams. These are the real-life stories and experiences I share to inspire, help, encourage and empower others.

Like me, you too have the power to change any circumstance or situation in your life. You too can accomplish any goal and live your dreams. It all starts with you taking responsibility for you and your results and taking back control of your life, relationships and career. Then you have to take action to accomplish your goals.

By sharing my processes and lessons learned, as well as the formulas for success I've discovered along the way, I want to inspire and help you to accomplish your goals and pursue your dream, whatever that dream may be. Your dream may be different than mine and different than the next person, but it's still yours! DON'T GIVE UP! And I'm here to help you make it happen and give you the help and support you need to CHANGE YOUR LIFE and finally live the life you really want and deserve.


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