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I'm Tamara Hartley, here to help you become an Actor!

YES, you have the power to change your life, but first, you must become an Actor! No, not an actor on the stage or in the movies, but an Actor in your own life.

As your How-To Coach and Take Action Strategist, I'm here to help you become an Actor, and take the necessary action steps you need to take to finally change your life and make your dreams your reality. I'm here to help you change your life, take action, and 'Do the How!'

ACTOR (verb): An Actor is someone who takes action. A Doer. A person who shows up and actively participates rather than merely talking or thinking about doing something. An Actor takes consistent action and gets stuff done. An Actor is a person who has a dream or big idea and persists until that dream or idea is fully actualized.


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