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To Shack or Not to Shack – That is the Question!

Dear Tamara: My fiancé has asked me to move in with him. We have been together for three years and engaged for almost a year now. We have not yet set a wedding date because we each have another year of school left and we both want to wait until we graduate college before getting […]

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Help – My Son Is Flunking the 8th Grade!

Dear Tamara: My son just brought home another report card with straight Ds and Fs, all except for the B- he got in physical ed. I am at my wits end with him. My wife and I have done everything we know how to do. We have grounded him, taken away all of his things, […]

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College Stress!

Dear Tamara: Help – college is STRESSING ME OUT! I am a sophomore in college and I am really beginning to get stressed out! And I don’t have anyone to talk to about it. I can’t talk to my parents, all they care about are my grades and making sure I am not wasting their […]

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Going Back to School!

Dear Tamara: I have been thinking about going back to school for a couple of years now. But it seems like every time I get serious about it, something happens, or something comes up that prevents me from going. I just got accepted into a program and am not sure if I am going to […]

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How to Deal with Outgrowing Your High-School Sweetheart

Dear Tamara: I have a huge dilemma, I think I am outgrowing my high-school sweetheart. My boyfriend and I have been dating since our sophomore year in high school. Yes, we are your stereotypical match made in heaven. The captain of the football team and head cheerleader, the prom king and queen, voted most likely […]

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I Hate My Life and Don’t Know How to Make it Better

l Hate My Life and Don’t Know How to Make it Better I’m stuck in a rut Dear Tamara: I am 24 years old (about to turn 25 in three months) and I hate my life! My friends are getting married and starting families. I don’t even have a boyfriend or any real prospects. On top […]

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Bullied by His Teacher!

Dear Tamara: I think my son is getting bullied by his teacher. Maybe bullying is a strong word, but he is definitely a target! He is always in trouble with his teacher and receiving some type of disciplinary action and it is getting excessive. The teacher claims that my son is a constant interruption in […]

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Too Young for the “Sex Talk?”

Dear Tamara: What is a good age to start talking to kids about sex? I recently caught my 11-year-old son watching porn on his computer (and I assume he was doing more than watching). I walked up on him and I saw it on the screen. As soon as he heard me he hurried up […]

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