Learn how to stop blaming others and take back control of your Life, Relationships, and Career.

Do you feel stuck or limited by your past or current circumstance?

Is your relationship going downhill because he or she refuses to change?

Do you want to make changes in your business or career but lack education, money, support or other resources?

Watch this video if you want some advice, tips, and strategies, that you can immediately put to use today, to take back control of your Life, Relationships, and Career!

You and only you have the power to change your life. Yet, you give that power away by blaming others for your problems and life situations.

In this video, I share the 3 things you must do in order to stop blaming others and make some real changes in your life.

Also, find out why I was so mad at Oprah Winfrey that I couldn’t even watch her show!!!!!

**Watch video to the end for a special message from Les Brown**

Click here to learn how you can get a FREE copy of my book: Stop Wasting Your Time Blaming Others for Your Life: 15 Life Lessons to Help You Take Back Control of Your Life Relationships and Career.

Author Tamara Hartley ( https://www/TamaraHartley.com )

Foreword by Les Brown ( http://www.lesbrown.com )


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