I Thought We Were Dating!

Dear Tamara:

I met this guy I really liked. We went out and we kissed and fooled around a little. I thought we were dating, but when I saw him again he said that we were not and flirted with my best friend. What should I do?



Dear Britt:

First, I’m curious as to why you thought you were exclusively dating someone after one or a few dates. When two people decide to date exclusively, it’s usually a mutual agreement and both parties understand what that means. It sounds like you fell pretty hard and very quickly for this guy, but the feeling was not mutual. And that’s a good thing in this particular case, because any guy that will come onto your best friend after going out with you, even if it was only one date, is not worth yours or your best friend’s time. I wouldn’t waste any more time trying to figure out “why” or pondering what you should do. Walk away and be thankful that he showed his true colors before you fell any deeper.

Also, I am not sure how long you have know this guy, but I encourage you to get to know someone before fall too hard! Be more careful about giving away too much too soon. Even a kiss is an intimate and special part of you. And as you have seen with this guy, some frogs are not worth a kiss.


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