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There is absolutely nothing more satisfying than seeing an “a-ha” moment happen in real life! I love seeing people realize their potential, breakthrough their perceived limitations and ultimately achieve personal success. That is why I love speaking and interacting with live audiences.

I put my all into speaking engagements to ensure that the audience is empowered, entertained and informed. From empowering women to working alongside Les Brown, the world's leading motivational speaker, to addressing and teaching professionals, and entrepreneurs across the country. 

I can tailor a variety of speaking topics and programs around my core message to meet your group’s or organization's exact needs and interests. My goal is to always leave participants inspired, empowered, and equipped with tools and useful take-a-ways to immediately make positive changes in their lives. Participants will leave motivated and better prepared to meet and conquer the challenges of their professional and personal lives.

Catering to all levels, I’m committed to bringing my best to your event. Here are a few topics to choose from and I welcome your ideas:

  • Find Balance, Make Moves, LIVE Your Dreams
  • Stop Wasting Your Time Blaming Others for Your Life
  • You Have the Power to Change Your Life
  • Take Back Control of Your Life, Relationships and Career
  • Live Your Dreams
  • Declutter Your Life: Don't Find Time, Make Time
  • Your Personal Success
  • and other personal development topics from my books and resource materials.

**Get books and resource materials for your participants
at bulk discounted rates.**

Most Popular Signature Keynotes/Workshops

Find Balance, Make Moves and Live Your Dreams! -  Many people have dreams, ideas and goals that remain on the back burner because they are so busy with their daily lives and taking care of others, that they have little to no time or energy left in the day to focus on themselves or the time to complete the necessary tasks they need to complete in order to accomplish their goals. This keynote inspires people to take back control of their time and attention and streamline their schedules to make time in their busy lives to focus on their personal goals, and to take the necessary action steps they need to take to make their dreams their reality. The audience will be empowered to prioritize their lives and focus on their own dreams and ideas and the things that matter most. More importantly, they will leave with tools and strategies to begin taking immediate ACTION to accomplish their goals.

Stop Wasting Your Time! - This keynote inspires people to stop blaming others for the circumstances in their life and to take back control of their life, relationships and career. While blaming others is easy, it takes away a person’s personal power to change any circumstance in their life. In addition, blame can keep a person feeling stuck and stagnant and unable to move forward. In this keynote, Tamara shares personal experiences and difficult situations that she faced and how she was able to overcome these obstacles and learn valuable life lessons. She will help participants take charge of their life by taking full responsibility for their outcomes. The benefit to your audience is that when they leave, they will feel empowered to do more than they’ve done in the past and that will yield higher results. As an additional training tool, Tamara has a motivational book and workbook of the same title (with a foreword written by world-renown motivational speaker, Les Brown) that would also make a great attendee gift!

Your Personal Success – A person cannot define their success by the world’s standards or compare themselves to others. Success is relative and different for every person. This program inspires people to define what success looks for them, recognize their own vision, set goals and take action. Sometimes, people have no clue about their passions and life purpose and look to others to define their personal success. Others know what they want to do, but have no clue about how or where to start, so they remain frustrated and stagnant in their success journey. In this program, Tamara helps participants to get clear about what they really want to accomplish in life and then create a blueprint for taking action and accomplishing these goals. This program is complete with tools, strategies and hands-on activities, to help participants immediately begin to make positive changes in their lives and begin to move toward the life they want and desire to live.

As an advice columnist, I am also available for interviews, guest appearances, panel discussions, and can answer questions LIVE on your television, radio or podcast show. Please contact me for requests and details.

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