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Stop Waiting for the Perfect Time to Live Your Life

How many times have you put something off because the timing wasn’t right? You wanted to wait until that perfect moment, but it hasn’t come yet. If I were to ask you to describe the Perfect Time, what would you say? Would it be when you finally earn your degree or when all of your […]

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Stop Blaming Yourself for the Past and Be Happy

Do you believe that you deserve to be happy? Do you have an area in your life where you’re subconsciously holding yourself hostage or keeping yourself from experiencing true happiness because you’re still blaming yourself for a past decision or mistake (like that failed business, marriage or a relationship that did not go so well)? […]

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Avoiding Burnout on Your Success Journey

Are you burnt out? Do you find yourself operating on autopilot? Yes, you’re accomplishing some of your goals and experiencing some success, but you’re really just going through the motions. You’re so focused on achieving your next goal that you don’t have time to pause or celebrate the significance of just how far you’ve come. […]

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5 Tips to Help You Recover from a Financial Setback

Are you struggling to make ends meet or still recovering from your past money mistakes? Have you had to file bankruptcy or lost a home to foreclosure? Do you ever feel like you keep making bad financial decisions? I’m not a financial expert. My last name is not Orman or Ramsey, and I don’t give […]

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3 Ways You Can Go From Great to Extraordinary

Have you become complacent with your success and your achievements? What are you doing to continuously improve yourself, your life, and the life of others? Learn how to push yourself past being great to be extraordinary in every aspect of your life!   What it Means to be Extraordinary To be great means you are […]

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3 Ways to Move Beyond Mistakes and Disappointment

Are you still blaming yourself for mistakes you made that cost you an opportunity? Are you still bitter over a breakup or getting passed over for that promotion you were more than qualified for? I want to help you learn how to get unstuck and move beyond a mistake or disappointment. Let’s get this straight, […]

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4 Ways to Take Charge of Your Happiness

Are you happy? I mean really happy? Happy with your life, your relationships, your job? Or is your happiness dependent upon another person, position, place or life event? We’re talking about “How to be Happy!” and it’s easier than you think! Honestly! So often we look outside ourselves for our happiness. We look to our […]

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3 Ways to Use Failure to Make Yourself Better

Have you ever failed at something? How do you handle failure? Have you ever had a difficult life experience that left you feeling hurt, disappointed, angry, or even embarrassed? So much so that you would rather just forget about it all together? I have failed many times in my life, and I had to deal […]

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