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My Son Has Jungle Fever!

Dear Tamara: My seventeen-year-old son is only interested in dating white girls. At first I thought it was just a one-time thing, then I began seeing a pattern. Finally I talked with him about it and he told me that “white girls” are just his preference. As his mother, I am a bit offended. We […]

Disciplines Like Drill Sergeant!

Dear Tamara: My husband and I have two different parenting styles and how we discipline. He is from a military family and grew up getting spankings, or as he often calls it “whoopins.” I did not grow up getting spanked and think it is unnecessary form of discipline to hit a child to get them […]

My Kids Are at Each Other’s Throats!

Dear Tamara: I have two children (ages 9 and 11) and they fuss and fight over everything. It is driving me crazy! I am tired of having to referee and tired of trying to get to the bottom of who’s right and who’s wrong. What can I do to stop my kids from fighting? Referee […]

From Size 6 to Size 16!

Dear Tamara: My husband and I have been married for four years. In those four years I have had two children and have gained quite a bit of weight. On our wedding day I was about a size 6 and now I am closer to a size 16. At first my husband didn’t complain about […]

Teen Victim of Cyber Bullying!

Dear Tamara: I think my teenaged son may be the victim of cyber bullying. While cleaning up his room I noticed his Facebook page was still up on his computer monitor and decided to take a look. I saw several threatening messages on his page. Some of them were from his friends, whom I know. […]

Girlfriend Works With Ex Husband!

Dear Tamara: My girlfriend and I have been dating for over a year. I knew going in that she and her ex husband were close. They have been divorced for about five years, but their lives are still very much connected. They have a six-year-old daughter and they work together every day. I have tried […]

Help – My Son Is Flunking the 8th Grade!

Dear Tamara: My son just brought home another report card with straight Ds and Fs, all except for the B- he got in physical ed. I am at my wits end with him. My wife and I have done everything we know how to do. We have grounded him, taken away all of his things, […]

Showing Favoritism!

Dear Tamara: My husband has accused me of showing favoritism between our children because I spend a lot of time traveling with our daughter and preparing her for her pageants. I know the pageants are time consuming, but I really don’t think that is true at all. I love all three of my children the […]

Going Back to School!

Dear Tamara: I have been thinking about going back to school for a couple of years now. But it seems like every time I get serious about it, something happens, or something comes up that prevents me from going. I just got accepted into a program and am not sure if I am going to […]

How To Deal with Baby Mama Drama

Baby Mama Drama

Dear Tamara: I thought my new boyfriend was perfect until I began having to deal with his baby mama drama. We have been dating for about four months now and we get along great. The only problem is his son’s mother. I hate to put it this way, but she is ghetto! She is constantly interfering […]

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