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Hard Time Saying No

I Have a Hard Time Saying No! And people take advantage of my kindness Dear Tamara: I have a hard time saying no, especially when it comes to my family and friends. Even when I don’t feel like it, I find myself running errands, hosting events and volunteering for projects. I have even lent money that […]

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Coworker Stalking Me on Facebook!

Dear Tamara: I have a coworker that is stalking me on social media. I was hesitant to accept his friend request on Facebook because I normally like to keep my work, and personal lives separate, but I didn’t want him to feel bad if I didn’t accept. Especially since I am friends with a couple […]

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Coworker Talks Too Much

Dear Tamara: I work in an office of about 30 people. All of us have a child or two (or more). We mention our children in conversation from time to time. There is a young lady that has a four-year-old son. She talks about her son ALL DAY! I try to change the conversation, but […]

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Mixing Friendship and Business!

Dear Tamara: My best friend wants us to go into business together. At first, I was excited about the business opportunity, but the more I talk to people the more it makes me nervous. Everyone keeps telling me that you should never mix friendship and business because it can ruin a friendship. One person said he […]

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Political Differences at Work!

Dear Tamara: It is no secret that my coworker and I have conflicting views when it comes to politics. And while I know we should not discuss our political differences at work, he gets under my skin. In 2012 we had a huge falling out during the presidential election. It got so serious that we […]

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Flirt at Work!

Dear Tamara: My best friend is a such a flirt! It’s one thing when she flirts when we are out socializing, but it is a totally different thing when she chooses to flirt at work. She constantly flirts with our boss and the other men at our job. I tried to talk with her about […]

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Still Friends With My Ex!

Dear Tamara: My family is still friends with my ex and it is driving me insane! My boyfriend and I broke up six months ago after dating for seven years and he just won’t stop coming around. He pops up at family functions and constantly stops by my mother’s house. The other day I went […]

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Owes Me Money, But on Vacation!

Dear Tamara: My best friend still owes me money! He borrowed $500 from me to take care of an emergency situation. We have been friends for over ten years, so I didn’t hesitate giving him the money, nor did I ask what the emergency was. I had it at the time, and I wanted to […]

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Boss Wants to be Facebook Friend!

Dear Tamara: My boss sent me a friend request on Facebook and I am really not sure if I should accept it or not. On one hand my boss is really cool. She is down to earth and really tries to get to know everyone on the staff. I think we have a good working […]

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Friend Disapproves New Relationship!

Dear Tamara: My best friend disapproves new relationship with my new beau! Shortly after my divorce I began dating a man of another race. When I told my best friend about the relationship, she freaked out and didn’t hold back her disapproval about man that I was seeing and the fact that he is white. […]

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