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Owes Me Money, But on Vacation!

Dear Tamara: My best friend still owes me money! He borrowed $500 from me to take care of an emergency situation. We have been friends for over ten years, so I didn’t hesitate giving him the money, nor did I ask what the emergency was. I had it at the time, and I wanted to […]

Boss Wants to be Facebook Friend!

Dear Tamara: My boss sent me a friend request on Facebook and I am really not sure if I should accept it or not. On one hand my boss is really cool. She is down to earth and really tries to get to know everyone on the staff. I think we have a good working […]

Friend Disapproves New Relationship!

Dear Tamara: My best friend disapproves new relationship with my new beau! Shortly after my divorce I began dating a man of another race. When I told my best friend about the relationship, she freaked out and didn’t hold back her disapproval about man that I was seeing and the fact that he is white. […]

Dating a Friend’s Ex!

Dear Tamara: I have met the guy of my dreams. Seriously, he is everything I have been looking for. He is kind, considerate, and funny. He has a great job, owns his own home and goes to church every Sunday. We have a lot in common and I really think he could be the one. […]

I Saw My Friend’s Husband Out With Another Woman!

Dear Tamara: I recently saw my friend’s husband out with another woman. They were dining at a restaurant and appeared to very cozy. Though I am not exactly sure what was going on, it just didn’t feel right. I was wondering if I should tell my friend what I saw. A True Friend Dear True […]