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How to Deal with a Mother in Law Who Hates You!

Dear Tamara: My mother-in-law hates me and I am having a hard time getting along with her. Things seemed really good between us before the wedding, but after we said “I do,” she completely flipped the script. I don’t know what I did to make things change so drastically. When I talk to my husband […]

How To Deal with Baby Mama Drama

Baby Mama Drama

Dear Tamara: I thought my new boyfriend was perfect until I began having to deal with his baby mama drama. We have been dating for about four months now and we get along great. The only problem is his son’s mother. I hate to put it this way, but she is ghetto! She is constantly interfering […]

Divorce or Stay Together?

Divorce or Stay Together for Kids

Divorce or Stay Together Should we divorce or stay together for the sake of the children? Dear Tamara: My wife and I have been married for six years, but we’re currently separated and considering divorce. We are in counseling, but I’m ready to end the marriage. I’ve tried to tell my wife how I feel, but […]

I Thought We Were Dating!

Dear Tamara: I met this guy I really liked. We went out and we kissed and fooled around a little. I thought we were dating, but when I saw him again he said that we were not and flirted with my best friend. What should I do? Britt   Dear Britt: First, I’m curious as to […]

Wife Makes More Money!

Dear Tamara: My husband and I have been married for three years. When we first got married, he was the primary breadwinner of the family making over six figures. About a year ago he lost his job when his company closed, and he has not been able to find a new job that pays him […]

Communication Problems in Marriage

Dear Tamara: My husband and I have serious communication problems. Because I know some men don’t like to talk, when we were dating I never wanted to force or push him to talk if he didn’t want to. But now that we are married with two kids, we need to communicate. When I try to […]

Tired of Being Single

Dear Tamara: I’m tired of being single! I’ve never been in a relationship which kind of worries me because I’m nearing the age where most women are married. What concerns me even more is the fact that I don’t have ANY guy friends or prospects at all. I’ve tried to find them, but it seems […]

Pregnant College Student!

Dear Tamara: I’m a 19-year-old  pregnant college student. Something keeps telling me to keep this child. The only problem is I work minimum wage and I’ve been threatened to get kicked out of the house if I have it. I honestly don’t have the means to take care of a baby and I’m freaking out […]

Am I the Other Woman?

Dear Tamara: I am not the other woman type and have never dated a married man before. I have been dating the same guy for six months and didn’t know that he is married. Things were getting very serious between us. We even discussed marriage and starting a family together. About a month ago I […]

Pastor Ruining My Marriage!

Dear Tamara: My wife’s pastor is ruining our marriage. My wife spends more time at the church then she does at home. And to make matters worse, her pastor is interfering with our personal life and making suggestions to my wife that affect our entire household. First her pastor convinced her to quit her job […]